Turorials : Snippets

The "Include Content Item" plugin

  1. To include a content item within anoteher content item, use the syntax {include_content_item 123}
    where 123 is the ID of the content item to be included. Note that both the intro and the fulltext will be included.
  2. To include only the intro of a content item within another content item, use the syntax {include_intro 123}.
  3. To include only the main text, use the syntax {include_fulltext 123}.
  4. To add the title of the included article: {include_content_item 123 1}
  5. To add the title and link to the included article: {include_content_item 123 1 1}
  6. The ID of the respective content item is listed in the Content Items Manager 
  7. It is not necessary to publish the content item that will be included.
  8. If you installed the DirectPHP plugin, you can also store PHP code snippets in a content item. This can then be included into other content items.

    Please make sure that in the Mambot/Plugin Manager, then inlcud content item plugin comes before the DirectPHP plugin, so that this plugin is being processed first, followed by DirectPHP.